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Solidifi employs experienced professionals who deliver personalized service, and our creative and technical expertise set the benchmark in the title and settlement industry. The fast, accurate, and innovative service Solidifi is known for is a reflection of the highly experienced professionals that make up our leadership team, most of whom were promoted from our staff.


Entry level employees are attentively trained in the basics of clearing titles, coordinating closings, and supporting our clients. Training all employees to have a thorough understanding of all aspects of the industry allows our staff to find their niche in the industry while also ensuring that our senior staff is well rounded before they become specialized.  As Solidifi continues to expand, opportunities for internal departmental transfers and promotions will increase as well.


Check out our Employee Success Stories below to learn more.

Jessica Medeiros

Joined Solidifi in 2010

Jessica joined Linear in the fall of 2010 as a Post Closer.  During her tenure, she has held management roles in the Post-Closing, Recording, Policy, and Default areas, as well as time in an Organizational Effectiveness role. In early 2015, Jess took over an elevated leadership role overseeing one of Linear’s joint ventures. Drawing upon her prior knowledge and strong managerial skills, Jess led her team to success, while implementing new ideas and processes for the company. She was consistently called upon for her knowledge and opinions during this time and earned a reputation for being someone who would always go above and beyond to get the job done. This dependability lead to positive feedback both from the client and her peers on a consistent basis.


In her new role as Vice President of Operations, Jess will leverage her experience and abilities to continue to gain operational efficiencies and work on forward-thinking initiatives for our entire organization. Jess is a perfect example of our  “promote from within” philosophy.  Her dedication and tenacity earned her this new role, which will continue to lead to the growth and success of our collective team.

Jeff LeBlanc

Joined Solidifi in 2009

Jeff started with Linear in October of 2009 as an entry level Curative Specialist, and gained a great foundation in the title industry by training with and learning from his peers and experienced managers. In 2010, Jeff was recognized as an experienced resource within the Curative Department for refinance products. His main focus was handling the pre-closing title clearance work for all new business. Jeff embraced the opportunity to grow with the company, and in October of 2011 he sought an Account Manager position. He was granted this promotion, and as part of the newly established Account Manager team he collaborated with the Business Development team to help build, retain, and service Linear’s budding client base. In November of 2012, Jeff was offered a management position in his original department, and became the Curative Department Manager. Jeff spent two years working with the curative team to streamline processes, train new employees, and continue improving products and services. Jeff was recently promoted to his current position of Assistant Vice President of Operations, which he feels is an exciting opportunity that will be very challenging. Jeff appreciates that Linear rewards hard work and understands the importance of growth from within, and believe he has been extremely privileged to work for such a great company. He has enjoyed working with the linear team over the past five years, and looks forward to many more.

Kristin Miller

Joined Solidifi in 2007

Kristin started at Linear in July of 2007 as a Title Specialist.  After approximately 3 months of learning the nuances and details of the title process, she transferred to the Post Closing Department and accepted a Post Closing Specialist position.  She quickly became versed in the back-end processes of post closing, funding, recording, and policy, and was subsequently offered the Post Closing Department Operations Manager position.   Over the course of the next four years, Kristin became the Operations Manager for all of the back-end departments.  Spending five years holding positions at every stage of the title and settlement process, Kristin had the unique opportunity to learn all aspects of a file; from the opening through to the very end, with the preparation and creation of the final title policy.  In July 2012, she was granted the remarkable opportunity to move across the country and run Linear’s California operations, including Escrow of California and Linear Title Company of California (f.k.a. AmeriCal Title Company).  Kristin believes the path to her current position was paved with hard-work, an innate work-ethic, a thirst for knowledge, refined problem solving and critical thinking skills, preserving a proactive belief system, the ability to work both individually and within a team, and lastly an inclination to consistently lead and mentor the people around her. 

Chris Sietins

Joined Solidifi in 2009

Chris Sietins started at Linear Title & Closing in February of 2009 in the Escrow department. After a short time, he moved forward into mastering the art of Post Closing, and soon moved into the Curative team and was a top performer all around. Eventually Chris transferred to the Accounting team as a junior staffer.  Chris’ work ethic and attention to detail led to increased responsibility and additional functions. He holds the North American record for consecutive, national payrolls without a data entry or mathematical error!  There was also a time during a period of tremendously high volume, where Chris took care of his accounting duties during the morning and cleared files for Curative in the afternoon, putting in a full day of productivity in both departments. Chris’s comprehensive accounting, payroll, and human resources experiences have helped him transition into his newest promotion in the role of Human Resources Manager. His hard work and dedication demonstrate exactly what makes the Linear team so spectacular.

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