Linear Title Releases Easy Integration Tools for Lenders Looking To Gain Efficiencies

Linear currently pushes all title related fees to clients’ origination platforms upfront, allowing lenders to instantly quote accurate GFEs. With the new integration tools and portals lenders can access title data, property data and title documents with seconds of a request.

A common request such as a change in circumstance, more specifically a loan amount change is a perfect example of the value these integrations bring to the lender. When a lender changes a loan amount in its system, the change is pushed to the Linear system via XML. The Linear System will instantly update title fees and documents then push them directly to the lenders system, including the updated title, pre-HUD and other required title documents. These documents will attach directly to the lender’s file in their platform. This one situation eliminates time consuming phone calls and e-mails therefore allowing lenders to gain a competitive advantage through increased production.

“The change of circumstance web service is only one example of our integration tools designed to help lenders,” said Jessica Digilio, Director of Technology, “we can push every document and note to our clients and customize periodic reports with critical information which increases efficiencies and ensure compliance for the lender.”

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