Weekly Meet the Team Bio! This week we are presenting Andrew Pacheco, RI Curative Specialist!

Andrew grew up on the mean streets of Tiverton RI. He enjoyed playing sports, going to the beach, jamming with garage bands, driving recklessly in his 1995 dent proof, plastic Saturn, and making movies with friends.

Andrew went to College at the University of Rhode Island and graduated with what he calls a “useless” degree in Film Media. He managed to have a lot of fun watching movies in class, making documentary films, being a part of the campus T.V. show, and meeting great friends.

After graduation Andrew worked part time for a small video production company filming and editing weddings, local events and promos for small businesses. Then student loans began to destroy his life and he had to scramble to find secondary jobs: detailing boats, working at restaurants and selling phones at best buy.

Andrew finally landed a position at Linear in May of 2012, not knowing anything about the title business. Today, Andrew feels grateful for the great trainers who gave him an understanding of our process and helped him to improve. He is glad to have a solid job where he truly enjoys going to work every day and hanging out with all of his pals on the Curative/Legal team.

Andrew spends his work day ordering curative payoffs, clearing old mortgages from title, helping obtain HOA information, reviewing purchase transactions, and writing love letters to Stephanie Wagner in curative! Thank you for sharing Andrew and providing us with a picture of yourself and teammate, Stephanie Wagner :)


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