Congratulations to Cody Sellers from the Legal Department for being selected as Employee of the Mont

Cody Sellers has been with Linear for just under 2 years. In that time, Cody has established himself as a true work horse. Cody began his time with Linear working in the Default Title Department where he was known for putting up absurd numbers that impressed his fellow employees and management.

Shortly after his impressive production secret was out, he was moved into a role within the Legal Department. In this role, he added the ability to produce at a high level, and the attention to detail that is needed to provide the top-notch quality of work that Linear’s clients expect.

Recently, Cody volunteered to work a very important and time sensitive project for Linear. His contribution to this project allowed for Linear to accomplish a great deal and further impress our client base with our sense of urgency.

Along with his great production, Cody brings a unique personality to Linear that eases the team in times of need. His enthusiasm, jokes and sheer enjoyment of being around his team leads to a positive work environment for everyone around him.

Congratulations Cody!!!

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