Meet the Team Bio! This week we are presenting Kris Cummings, Regional Vice President!

Kris was born and raised in Sidney, Maine, which is near Augusta. He moved to Rhode Island in 2000 and has lived in Newport for eight years. Recently in 2012, he bought a home in North Kingston, RI. He is currently raising his two amazing children with his wife Jessica. His son, Korban, is two and a half years old, and his daughter, June, is almost one year old! When he’s not spending time with his family, he loves to be active. He plays golf, practices yoga, and goes fishing, as well as plays hockey and goes ice fishing in the winter. Kris also likes being active in his community and attending a social event or two, here and there.

He is most inspired by his family. He considers his wife Jessica a true partner and best friend, as she helps him stay focused and supports him in his work. He believes in finding a true work/home life balance and working towards that constantly. Kris also feels that inspiration can be gained from the smallest of occurrences in our daily routines, and it is what we do with these inspirations that truly count.

Kris began at Linear in August of 2014 as Regional Vice President, a title he still holds. He has always considered himself a “people person”, as he loves meeting new people, creating new relationships, and cultivating them into lifelong partnerships. He loves to travel and gain other perspectives. He feels that there is something new to be learned every day. He takes great joy in life and loves seeing others do the same, believing that “a smile is life’s greatest free gift.” Thanks for sharing Kris!

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