Linear Title Promotions Announcement!

Linear’s Executive Management Team is committed to the growth and success of our promote-from-within leadership strategy! We are proud to share the following recent promotions:

From right to left; Rob Huggins, Ed Stravato Esq., Glennon Hoyle, Ryan Chavous, April Fiordelisi, Esq., and Keith Camera

April Fiordelisi, Esq. – Legal Department Manager

April started with Linear in 2012 in our Legal Department. April has accumulated a vast amount knowledge in regards to Linear’s legal processing and review on a transactional basis as well as a company level. Over the past year and a half, she has been the Supervisor of the Legal Department. In this role, April has displayed a poised and educated stance when making decisions to be compliant and building process. April has established an extensive training program and has grown the team through support, motivation and coaching. Great job, April!

Edward Stravato, Esq. – Curative Department Manager

Ed started with Linear in 2012 in our Curative Department. Initially Ed was a high level producer who excelled at reviewing title issues and providing a strong sense of urgency when clearing title to meet our clients’ expectations. Over the past year and a half, he has been the Supervisor of the Curative Department. In this role, Ed has worked to improve process for all products and develop a strong REO team through research and training. Ed’s ability to retain state specific knowledge and make quick educated decisions allows the department to operate at a very efficient level. Great job, Ed!

Rob Huggins—Closing Department Manager

Rob Huggins joined the Linear team in 2012. Since then he has been assigned several different positions including Closing Specialist, BPO Trainer, and Evening Supervisor. His willingness to tackle any issue with a high level of urgency has allowed him to excel in each role. Also, his ability to deal with a wide variety of escalated issues without the in office support that comes during normal business hours makes him the perfect candidate for the Closing Manager position. We look forward to the continued growth of this team under his leadership!

Keith Camara – Post Closing Department Manager

Keith started with Linear in July of 2012. He was hired in the post closing department and quickly grew into one of the strongest employees the department had ever seen. His work ethic and production was seldom matched and he was often known as the teams “work horse” throughout a time where refinance orders were at an all time high. One of his top strengths has been and continues to be the ability to grasp the post closing rules, regulations, concepts, and client requirements. Keith’s dependability made him an obvious choice for the role of post closing department supervisor, which he was moved into to support a manager that was handling multiple teams. In his three years here with us, he has gained problem solving and risk decision making skills that have proven to be crucial to the department and to company as a whole. Keith is well deserving of the title of Post Closing Department Manager and we look forward to seeing him transition into this role.

Ryan Chavous—REO Post Closing Department Manager

Ryan started with Linear in May of 2012. Starting in the post closing department, Ryan found himself working specifically on purchase and REO files for the team as he was patient and exuded dedicated communication. When Linear expanded and opened the Nevada office, he was trusted to handle both the purchase/REO post closing for one of our larger clients (NBS) along with the short sale and Nevada purchase files. With the growth of the Nevada office as well as the joint venture that created Royal National Title, Ryan was selected to be the post closer for the RNT entity. His calm communication style paired with his perseverance to get harder/more complex files funded make him an excellent choice for the REO/Purchase Post Closing Department Manager position. He has worked day in and day out to train his team to be precise while urgent, confident while cautious, and customer service motivated while also looking out for the company’s best interest. We are excited to see how Ryan’s new management role will grow his team and the REO/Purchase division of Linear.

Glennon Hoyle– Recording Department Manager

Glennon started with Linear in July of 2012. He began his career here in the post closing department and was immediately thrown into the role of department trainer. His attention to detail, patience, and approachable personality made him the perfect person to work with the new hires and BPO partners as they learned our vast process. While in this role, Glennon not only had to handle training on the post closing tasks, but the recording and policy tasks as well. Gaining all around knowledge in all three areas made him the perfect choice for the Recording and Policy department supervisor when the need arose. Taking on these teams was not an easy feat, but he continues to exhibit a calm, collected perseverance while pushing to correct all outstanding files and items. Throughout the years he has exhibited the drive, determination and demeanor that is important for the position of Recording/Policy Department Manager. Glennon has truly stepped up to the plate while in his supervisor role and we look forward to the next steps he will make while in his new position.


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