Eric Lewis, Director, Vendor Relations

Eric started his career at Abstrax, LLC in May of 2012 as a Property Report Specialist. As the company grew he quickly adapted to changes, was willing to work additional hours, and always made himself available to answer questions and assist other employees. By December 2012, he was promoted to an Account Representative managing one of the company’s largest accounts, working to streamline communication and work flow to the client. Based on his success as an Account Representative, Eric was promoted to Assistant Operations Manager, where he balanced project-based work while also helping to oversee all day to day production. In addition to being the Assistant Operations Manager, Eric took on further responsibilities as the Training and Quality Control Manager, where he implemented training programs and offered solutions to staff in order to increase the accuracy and quality of all Abstrax products. Eric was later promoted to the Linear Settlement Services team, working hard and moving up within our parent company to become the Supervisor - and later the Manager - of the Title Department.

Most recently, Eric has come back to the Silva Lane side of the company to take on the role of our Director of Vendor Relations. He will be working to increase our searching capacity as a company through scalability with an increased Vendor Network, which includes contacting current and new potential Physical Abstractors to take on more volume that is a mix of online and offline county work. Eric is also working closely with our legal and accounting teams to take a new approach on building strong vendor relations, and we are happy to have him take on this challenge!


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