Congratulations to Nicole Cordiliko, Closing Specialist in our Rhode Island Headquarters for being s

Nicole has provided incredible joy and positivity since her first day on the job in February of this year. Her infectious personality immediately had an impact on the Auction Closing team, helping keep an upbeat mood and vibe in the department throughout the day. Unsurprisingly, she eagerly offered to fill in the role of Culture Committee Representative and enthusiastically keeps her team aware of any developments regarding the HQ environment.

Her genuine enthusiasm for her team’s success cannot be understated. Nicole demonstrates an incredible work ethic, often having to be asked to leave work for the day, rather than the other way around. This drive has led to her becoming one of the team’s top producers and to her quickly picking up the nuances of working within the Auction Closing team.

She continues to show this determination each day, always wanting to be challenged with more difficult work. She has been a welcome addition and is truly one of the most valued members of the team.

Nicole, the combination of your zest for life and pride in your work brings some much appreciated positive energy to everyone!

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