Congratulations to Justin Pinzensham, Processor in our Denver Office for being selected as the Emplo

Justin began his first day at Linear in March 2016, with a true team player mentality and an ambitious drive to learn as much as possible. He has played a crucial role in developing processing procedures within the Denver office due to his vast knowledge. Justin provides impeccable customer service and always has a positive attitude, which has helped us build strong client relationships at a faster pace.

One particular client has such a great relationship with Justin that it has led to a running joke about how all of his help has made him their “hero” – they even went so far as to send him a green cape! (pictured above)

He is not afraid to take on tasks that would seem daunting to most people and he does so with a smile on his face. Despite how stressful the work days can be, Justin’s upbeat personality and terrible joke-telling skills have his entire team laughing every day!

Justin, your knowledge, humor, and positive energy are all greatly appreciated – not only by your teammates, but also by our clients (for whom you really “save the day”)!!

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