Congratulations to Sarah Johnson, Escrow Officer in our Denver office for being selected as the Emp

Sarah has now been an Escrow Officer on our Denver team for just over a year. Prior to joining the Denver team, Sarah worked for ten years in asset management on the resale side of the real estate market. Within the past year, Sarah has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge while learning all about the title side of refinance transactions in all fifty states. She works with a range of clients with both higher and lower volume of work.

Sarah’s focus on customer service and building strong relationships with our business partners has really assisted in driving sales and production goals month after month. Sarah is truly an asset to the Denver team on every level – from assisting other team members with package clean-out to working directly with shared clients to increase service levels. She manages all of these tasks while continuing to be one of the top producers in her team’s office and keeping a positive attitude. The entire Denver team looks forward to her continued growth!

Sarah, we appreciate your unending dedication and the superior support you provide to clients!

Here’s some of the great feedback we received about Sarah:

"Sarah is an exceptional closer who has not only helped us to retain our clients but has helped us grow them by providing great customer service and being very personable with them at the same time. It makes our job easier on the sales side when we go on calls and only hear great things about her and the job she does for all of them. Sarah is easy to work with and someone you enjoy having in the office!“

"Sarah Johnson is a great example of an employee that goes above and beyond to service her clients. I recently met with a client who could not say enough on how much they appreciate her work. Sarah helps drive business to Solidifi by her service levels, dedication and hard work. Great team player in our office with an awesome attitude!”

"Sarah is one of our top closers in the Denver office. She lends her talent to building strong relationships with clients and team members leading to growth in business from her clients. Sarah embodies the sense of ownership and pride the Denver office values and aims to incorporate in our office culture.“

"Sarah is the type of person who doesn't give up on anything. She will take on a file, knowing that it's a messy one, and will work to fix it and get it to the finish line. The best part about it is that you would never even know that it was a problem! She doesn't complain, handles every piece that she can, even if it's not something normally within her scope, and only reaches out for help if it's something she can't do. Positive coworker, motivated employee, helpful teammate. Sarah is the type of person that you wish you had more of!“

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