Congratulations to Rachel Erbaugh, Tech Support Specialist in our RI office for being selected as t

Rachel joined our team in early August 2016. While earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Rachel especially enjoyed diverse electives that challenged her critical thinking skills such as programming and digital technology. Over the past year, Rachel has become an integral team member, using her strong problem-solving abilities and excellent customer service skills to take on any challenge thrown her way.

The epitome of a team player, Rachel is always ready and willing to help her fellow employees with any problems (great or small) while maintaining a positive attitude. She has helped to facilitate various company events, ensuring that everything runs smoothly, and her professional photography services have helped us preserve the memories of those events! Rachel has also come up with several creative technological innovations to improve inter-office communication and streamline training procedures, such as live-streaming our Town Hall Meetings to the remote offices and creating recorded versions of our training sessions. She is an extremely reliable and knowledgeable resource for our entire team.

Thank you for being such a fantastic team player and for continually thinking outside the box for solutions, Rachel!

Here’s some of the great feedback we received about Rachel:

"Rachel is a great employee – I couldn’t ask for more out of someone. Always willing to help and has a great attitude.”

"Rachel has been phenomenal. She has been the only member of IT assisting with our frequent desk moves. Also, she did the majority of the moving when IT moved from upstairs to downstairs. I know this is her job, however, she does whatever necessary to assist and does it with a smile on her face! She is always eager to help whenever her assistance is needed and frequently goes above and beyond. I'm always very impressed with her abilities and knowledge, especially being that she has only been with us for a short time.”

"Rachel is willing and ready to take on any request asked of her. She quickly responds to tickets and is always finds a solution. She is polite and always has a smile on her face. A true go-getter and team player.”

"No matter how stupid or annoying my requests are, Rachel is always extremely patient and helps out whenever and however needed. I really appreciate her help and her attitude and think all of her hard work deserves recognition!”

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