Congratulations to Douglas Hassell, Closing Supervisor in our RI office for being selected as the E

Doug Hassell joined the company in April of 2016 as a Closing Specialist on the Refinance team. His hard work and dedication to his job were quickly noticed, and he became one of the first team members to pilot our current notary platform service Snapdocs. Shortly afterwards, Doug became the Closing Supervisor for the Midwest closing region and has continued to succeed in his new role. Doug routinely identifies areas where Solidifi processes can be improved, particularly regarding state-specifics within his region.

Doug does an excellent job of communicating with our outside offices, as he works closely with our Texas and Utah locations on day-to-day operations. Doug also played a crucial role in remotely training the Closing department team members located in our California office.

Doug has a positive attitude and is regarded by his coworkers as a highly effective trainer who is able to explain complex processes in an easy to understand fashion. He has been continually nominated for all awards available within our company and is extremely deserving of this honor.

Congratulations Doug! Thank you for leading by example and for everything you do to help our team’s success nationwide!

Here’s some of the great feedback we received about Doug:

"Doug is a person who gives it his all, day in and day out. There's no such thing as an off day for him. He’s constantly crushing queues while always helping out the team.”

"Doug is a great supervisor and example to our entire group. He is always very kind and helpful whenever I have a question, and he never allows the “crazy” moments annoy him. I think he is very deserving of the Employee of the Month award as he always keeps a positive attitude on a daily basis!”

"While I have never worked directly with Doug, I have had the opportunity to sit nearby and see how he conducts himself on a daily basis. From the way he handles disgruntled borrowers over the phone, working with our clients, or interacting with his teammates, he always displays a high level of professionalism and work ethic. His efforts to lead by example are among some of the best I have witnessed while working here. I would love the opportunity to work directly with him one day!”

"He constantly shows that he truly cares about his job and fellow employees! He is patient, kind, energetic and always helping others. He is one of the kindest people I know and constantly teaching and showing others what it means to be part of a team. I couldn't have asked for a better team leader!“

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