Silas Campbell, Software Developer

Silas has been with our NexGen team since February of 2016, when he began as a Software Test Engineer working on the Latitude product. He worked closely with Software Developers to make sure that bug fixes, new features, and enhancements to Latitude not only performed as they should, but also continued to function properly and helped to enhance the company’s QA Automation infrastructure. Silas was able to quickly learn the concepts and software behind Latitude, TitleHound, and Certus, and has made considerable contributions to the software quality assurance group over the past year. These contributions include writing automation programs and other features to make the software group more efficient.

Silas’s impressive work ethic and drive to succeed will allow him to make similar contributions to the team in his new position as a Software Developer. While working with the rest of the development team, he will continue to enhance the capabilities of Latitude and keep everything running smoothly on the technical side. We look forward to his continued growth with the company!


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